Semseo Website Design Standard Features

Included features of web sites designed by Semseo

Semseo Website Design Features

We include these website design features as standard...

Please note that the Semseo system was originally created for estate agent/real estate agent use but it can be, and is being, used by a wide range of businesses in very different industries.

Home Page

Your home page can display a selection of featured/favourite products and additional special or investment products/properties if you select these options from your Site Settings page. See "Product Displays" below for more information on selecting the specific products for display.

Product Search

Your site is equipped with a powerful product/property search facility. The search will display your products and also the products of any partners you select in the Semseo Multiple Listing System. This makes it very easy to work with and promote the products and services from other businesses if required.

News Scroller

Depending on your site design you may also have a news scroller on your site. This is not connected with the RSS news and articles section. The news scroller is for simple, brief information and headlines to catch visitors attention.

Hot Property Email-Newsletter

Your site comes with a quick and easy way for visitors to subscribe to your company newsletter or email bulletin. All subscriptions are processed via the Semseo system. You can use the Semseo system to send bulk emails to your subscribers.

Favourites Section for Site Visitors

A very important feature for most web sites with large product portfolios is the ability for site visitors to save their favourite products for easy reference at a later date. Your Semseo Powered Web site can have a "My Favourites" section so your visitors can easily save a selection of products for quick viewing and review.

Additional features will allow potential clients to easily print their selection or email it to themselves to make referencing and enquiring for more details as easy as possible even days or months later.

Web Site Sections

News Feed - RSS

A very important feature for online promotion and marketing as well as credibility is the RSS news section. You will easily be able to add news articles to your site via Semseo. These news articles will automatically be displayed on your site and also in a Google Feed Burner news feed. This can be very beneficial for getting your site more targeted traffic and also keeping your current clients aware of your activities.

Current and potential clients will be able to subscribe to your news feed via your site. The news feed will be a valid feed in the accepted RSS format.

Investment Section

There is an optional investment property page available on your site. This page will automatically display up to 3 properties that you identify as being "investment": see the Favourite Property display for more information on selecting these properties.

Currency Exchange

Your site can have a dedicated currency exchange page. This page will display information to help clients change money using a specialised currency dealer. Semseo currently have online facilities available from Money Corp. If you do not currently have an account with Money Corp we can contact them and ask for set one up for you. This will ensure we get the necessary online tracking information from them. If you have a Money Corp account we need to know your account managers name and contact email and also your unique agent/affiliate id.

Using the Money Corp ID your will receive commission from Money Corp on any money trades resulting from clients or site visitors that contact Money Corp via the online facilities on your site.

If you want to use a different money exchange company please send us their details and we will ask them for information on the online facilities they can provide for your site.

Built-in Currency Converter

Your site comes with a ready made fully integrated currency converter providing your site visitors with a quick and easy way to display price information in their preferred currency.

The currency converter is automatically updated by the Semseo system twice per day so you do not need to spend any time maintaining this feature.

Customer Testimonials

The Semseo system makes it easy for you to record feedback from customers, employees and business partners. Positive customer testimonials/feedback can be automatically displayed on your web site if you enable this feature.

Your site can also feature an online feedback form to make it as easy as possible for you to collect feedback. All online feedback is automatically added into the feedback section to there is no manual data entry.

Recruitment, Job Vacancies

Job vacancies at your organisation can quickly and easily be added to your web site. Your web site can be configured to automatically display a "Jobs at My Company Name" section that will include all your current vacancies. The site can help you track enquiries and candidates for interview via the integrated Contact Management System.

Display Partners

Your web site can also display some of the logo's of your business partners on your Home page and/or a dedicated section. You select the required business partners in Semseo. This can be used to show site visitors some of the businesses you are currently working with.


There is a dedicated links section available on your site. You may want to use this to provide useful links to other web sites and online services.

Providing good quality links that are related to your site content can help with search engine ranking.

Product Displays

Favourite Product Displays

Your home page can display up to 3 products that you can select on the Favourite Property selection page in Semseo.

You can select more than 3 products if you wish but a maximum of 3 are displayed at any time.

Favourite products can be given a display until date. This can be very useful if you are running specific promotions for developers or vendors.

Special (Investment) Product Displays

The same applies as for Favourite Property Display with the addition that the properties you select as being good for investment will also be displayed on the Investment page if you have enabled this option.

Other Semseo Facilities

Semseo Contact Management System

The Semseo Contact Management system provides facilities for managing customer enquiries, required staff actions, call backs, etc.

Both these areas are (or will be) covered in separate guides alternatively contact us for assistance.

Semseo Property Management

Semseo provides property management facilities to help you manage your portfolio. You will load property to your site via Semseo. Any property you load onto the site will automatically be displayed on the property portal. Any enquiries from your own site and from your properties on the property portal are automatically added to your New Enquiry list available from the Semseo Home page.

Semseo Automatic Data Feeds

Data Out

The Semseo system provides you with an automatic property data feed of your properties. You can use this to quickly and easily share your property data with your agents. XML is the standard data exchange format for the Internet and it is easily understood by all web developers.

Data In

If you work with a partner that can provide you with an XML property data feed of their properties Semseo can quickly write the required load to make this data available on your site. In many cases Semseo will do this for FREE! Other companies will usually charge between £200 - £600 for each feed.

Search Engine Optimisation

Semseo can provide you with a search engine optimisation (SEO) service to help improve your search engine rankings. Your site will have been created with SEO in mind however search engine optimisation is a challenging, time consuming and ongoing task. Companies wishing to properly market themselves online using the search engines need a monthly budget and patience. Contact us for further details.

Hot Tip: one of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings is to write a few good, impartial, and informative news articles and submit them in Semseo. As well as having the option to display your news articles on your own site any Semseo news articles that are published in the main news feed are displayed on many sites. This will get your site and your business knows as being experts in your field.