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Link building as part of an SEO strategy

Link building is an essential part of a long term SEO plan. Building good quality links will help increase the importance (Google page rank) the search engines put on your web site pages.

Link building about getting other web sites to provide a link back to your web site. Deep linking is getting web sites to link to specific pages on your site rather than the home page. These incoming links can provide additional traffic from people clicking on the links and also better search engine rankings.

It is important to realise that link building is not just about the quantity of links a site has but the quality and relevance of those links.

Many good sites to get links from will charge between £50 - £250 for a link so you need to carefully consider the budget you have for link building. A 3 month plan/budget is a good time scale to start with for most businesses link building SEO strategy. As for a budget it is difficult to say as the more you have the better the results will be but you should be considering at least £1,000 initially.

Semseo can provide a comprehensive link building plan for your site or sites. Link building is a medium to long term SEO strategy and it should be done slowly over a period of time rather than all at once.

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