Website Design


Website Design Features

All web sites designed by Semseo come with many built in features powered by the Semseo CRM application:

  • Powerful online CRM software
  • Email Marketing
  • RSS News Feeds
  • Testimonials section
  • Favourite product displays
  • Currency converter
  • News/headline scroller
  • Newsletter subscription
  • XML data input and output if required
  • Email
  • Website Analytics

For more information see: Semseo CRM Application

Semseo Web Site Design

We provide a full range of web site design services from our offices in Manchester, UK. We provide our web site design services to companies worldwide.

Web Site Re-design & Upgrades

We can also assist with web site re-designs and upgrades from a full web site redesign to simply adding additions features such as news scrollers, RSS & XML news feeds, slide shows, etc. etc.

Let us know what you would like to do and we will give you a quote for the work and a breakdown of what is involved.

Updating Your Site

All our sites are created to allow the site owners to easily edit and update their own site. If you want to change some text, add a new picture, even add a new page, this can be done without having to pay us. Of course we are here if you need us and we will happily do the work if you are too bust or just don't want to but for many small and medium sized businesses being able to update your own site can save a lot of money.

To be able to update your site you will need the web site editing software: Adobe Contribute (or similar), click image below for more details. Contribute gives you control of your site.
NOTE: companies that have their own media, art work, or technology staff/departments may already have this software as it comes included with some print and web design software packages.

Adobe Contribute CS4

Web Site Databases

Many online businesses require a web site that can display large numbers of products and services with an integrated shopping cart and an easy to use payment system.

We can create an online database specifically for your business requirements. our database solutions will easily grow and change with your company so once in use it will be helping your business to move forward.

Online Contact Management System

All our systems can quickly and easily be "plugged in" to our Semseo CRM application (online contact management system) that is in use by thousands of people around the world.

Because we have already developed this contact & business management system we can offer it to our clients virtually for free. In fact we give clients 1 FREE user on the system! The price of fully integrating your site with this system is minimal and just a fraction of what you would pay for a similar system if it were being built from scratch.

For more information see: CRM Application