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About Semseo

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Semseo is based in Manchester and over the last few years the company has been involved with many online projects from basic web design to complex online database applications.

We use Adobe Coldfusion as our primary web development technology as it allows us to quickly develop feature rich web sites and applications for our clients.

Most of our time has been spent on projects in the property/real estate industry but we can apply the same skills across many industries in many countries.

Semseo Internet Consultancy

Maybe you know exactly what your online business needs and you just need someone to do the work?
... or maybe you really do not know where to start when it comes to online marketing and promotion?

Either way we are happy to listen to your requirements and formulate a plan of action, accurate time/cost quotes, and offer advice whenever we can.

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Free requirements gathering...

To get started we just need some time to discuss your situation, this can be done via phone, Skype, email, or maybe in person if you are near Manchester UK.

We will walk you through all the steps that are required to get you to your online goals.